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Performer dental delivery system with performer dental chair

Performer Delivery System. Full Integration. Versatile Options.

With the Performer delivery system, you can integrate your clinical devices so you are able to work more efficiently. Plus, the ambidextrous design makes it easy to switch between right- and left-handed users.

A-dec five year warranty

Full Integration

With the Performer Traditional delivery system, you have the option to fully integrate up to 2 clinical devices into your delivery system and touchpad controls.


Fully ambidextrous, the delivery system can be located in either left- or right-handed positions without the use of tools. You can also choose a front or back-mount depending to best accommodate your operatory layout and size.

Easy Maintenance

A-dec has earned a reputation for legendary reliability and commitment to innovative, yet simple engineering design resulting in fewer parts. This means you can count on easy maintenance and a long product life.

Performer Delivery System Features

Ambidextrous. Allows left- or right-handed positions in a matter of seconds.

Optional 4-position control block. Integrates up to 2 clinical devices. Three-position control block available as standard feature.

Height-adjustable control head. Allows you to select your preferred height for handpieces and instruments.

Self-contained water system. Simplifies waterline maintenance with self-contained water bottle (2L) combined with A-dec ICX waterline treatment tablets.

Integrated fiber-optic system. Provides independently adjustable voltage settings for up to four handpiece positions.

Performer dental delivery system with deluxe touchpad
Performer Delivery System
Control block 3-position (standard), optional 4-position
Ancillary accommodation 2
Left/right conversion Yes
Handpiece tubing Vinyl or silicone
Quad-voltage intraoral light source Optional
Integration 15' USB 2.0 cable/ up to 2 control modules
Brake handle(s) 1
Arm system Manual height adjustment
Touchpad Optional Deluxe or Standard touchpad
Foot control Wet/dry disc (standard), optional wet/dry disc with chip blower or lever foot control
Mount options Performer chair

Integrated Options

Choose the 4-position control block and integrate up to 2 clinical devices including an electric motor, intraoral camera, curing light, ultrasonic instrument, or warm water syringe.

Electric Motors

NLZ and NLX nano. The A-dec NLZ and NLX nano electric motors are made with lightweight titanium for exceptional feel and lasting durability. NLX nano applications: general restorative, prophylaxis. NLZ applications: general restorative, prophylaxis, and endodontics.

A-dec electric handpiece motors

Intraoral Cameras

Get a sharp image in seconds with Sopro intraoral cameras. The SoproCARE is the first and only intraoral camera with the ability to reveal caries, dental plaque, and gingival inflammation.

Sopro Intraoral Camera

Curing Lights

Acteon Satelec Mini LED curing lights efficiently and easily target the light for the most effective cure.

Acteon Satelec Mini LED Curing Light

Ultrasonic Instruments

The multi-purpose ultrasonic system from Acteon Satelec delivers balanced, gentle, yet powerful performance for general restorative, prophylaxis and endodontic application.

Acteon Satelec Ultrasonic Instruments

A-dec Warm Water Syringe

Improves patient comfort with water at just the right temperature. Syringe is well-balanced and lightweight with flexible silicone tubing.

A-dec syringe

Equipment Options

A-dec Deluxe Touchpad

Get all the functionality of the A-dec standard touchpad, as well as the ability to easily integrate accessories. It supports up to two electric motors and an ultrasonic instrument.

Performer dental delivery system deluxe touchpad

A-dec Standard Touchpad

Offers four programmable chair position buttons, dental light button with high, medium and composite settings, and cuspidor bowl rinse and cup fill buttons.

Performer dental delivery system standard touchpad

Lever Foot Control

A slight, natural shift of the foot delivers precise modulation of your handpiece speed. With your eyes still on patient, you intuitively switch between wet and dry cuts.

A-dec delivery system lever foot control

A-dec Wet/Dry Disc Foot Control

Modulates variable speed with foot pressure from any position. Optional chip blower/accessory button.

A-dec Dental Delivery System Disc Foot Control

Performer Assistant's Instrumentation

The ambidextrous Performer assistant’s instrumentation features a 3-position swivel holder with autoclavable saliva ejector (SE) and high-volume evacuator (HVE). Optional 3-way syringe also available.

Performer dental delivery system assistant instrumentation
A-dec Third-Hand HVE Holder

A-dec Third-Hand HVE Holder: Hands-Free Aerosol Capture

The flexible arm securely positions the HVE tip to within 1" of the oral cavity, efficiently capturing aerosols at the treatment site while keeping hands free for scalers and other instruments.

How long should a delivery system last?
With proper maintenance and service, A-dec delivery systems are designed and tested for a “service life” of 20 years under normal use. The actual service life can be influenced by factors such as environment, extent of use, cleaning and maintenance frequency, and preventative maintenance of normal service “wear & tear” components. Please review A-dec’s customer warranty for complete details, including applicable disclaimers and limitations of liability.

What is the warranty for an A-dec delivery system?
A-dec is pleased to offer a 5-year warranty for all dental equipment and furniture purchased from an authorized A-dec dealer. See Regulatory Information, Specifications, and Warranty for full warranty information.

How do you care for self-contained waterlines?
A-dec recommends a Maintain│Monitor│Shock approach for effective and practical care of self-contained waterlines. For daily waterline maintenance, use A-dec ICX water treatment tablets. Be sure to use ICX in conjunction with regular dental unit water monitoring and shock treatment. Read more in the A-dec Waterline Maintenance Guide.

What is the cost of an A-dec dental delivery system?
You can customize your delivery system with many different equipment options. Contact your local A-dec dealer.

How do you order genuine A-dec replacement parts for your delivery system?
To order replacement parts, please contact your local A-dec dealer.

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