A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec Inspire dental cabinets with ICV

ICV Vacuum-Line Cleaning System

Many vacuum-line cleaning methods are messy and take time. ICV integrates right into your dental cabinet and cleans vacuum lines quickly and efficiently.

Simple 3-step operation

Just connect the HVE and saliva ejector to the ICV, open the valve, and press the start button. In two minutes or less the vacuum lines are purged.

Safe, easy-carry tank design

The tank design with easy-carry handle and secure lid eliminates the potential for chemical spills when transporting the tank between fill ups.

Protects your vacuum system

Because the ICV is so simple to use, the daily vacuum-line maintenance schedule recommended by vacuum pump manufacturers easily becomes routine.

ICV features

Two minutes per cycle. Cleans vacuum lines quickly and efficiently.

Integrates right into your cabinetry. Provides you with easy access to ICV.

Easy-to-fill tank. Allows you to safely add cleaner and water.

Compatible with most cabinets. Requires minimum cabinet module dimensions for fluid tank storage 7" W x 20" D x 21" H (178 mm x 508 mm x 533 mm).

A-dec ICV line cleaning
Hand using A-dec ICV

ICV vacuum-line cleaning system

See how to use the ICV vacuum-line cleaning system in A-dec Inspire dental cabinets.

What is the reservoir capacity?
The ICV tank holds 8 liters or 2.1 gallons.

How do I know when the reservoir is low?
There is a low fluid indicator light on the ICV face plate that indicates when the tank is low.

What if I only have 1 vacuum handpiece?
Each handpiece port on the ICV face panel has a check valve that allows the cleaning solution to only flow to the ports that have an active vacuum handpiece attached.

Do I still need to change my dental unit’s vacuum solids separator and canister screen?
Yes. Continue to follow the maintenance protocol of the dental unit’s vacuum solids separator and canister screen.

How much fluid is used per activation?
The fluid used per activation is based on the ICV timer setting and the performance of the facility’s vacuum pump system.

How much fluid should be used per activation?
Consult the vacuum pump directions for use of the recommended cleaning product, typically they recommend 1 liter or 1 quart.